News Spring 2015

Spring 2015

John Darin, NYC, NADAP, image, President, CEODear Friends of NADAP,

Once again, winter finally turned to spring! With rising temperatures, a little sun, and rain instead of snow, nature is re-awakening to new life after too long a winter. This unfailing, annual process seems an apt analogy to what we witness in our clients over and over – after long struggles with substance use, mental health problems, unemployment, and other heavy troubles, our clients’ lives blossom into health, community, and productivity through the care, empowerment, and resources provided by NADAP’s staff. While management is responsible for setting up the systems to offer our portfolio of services, it is our frontline staff and their supervisors who bring it all to life for our clients. I am immensely grateful to the women and men who carry the NADAP name into many New York families and homes, making a measurable difference in the lives we serve.

Warm wishes for a wonderful spring,

John A. Darin
President & CEO

NADAP’s Care Coordination Program Scores Highest in Patient Satisfaction

Over the past three years, NADAP has significantly expanded its capacity to provide New Yorkers with multiple chronic illnesses, including mental health and substance use disorders, with a patient-centered, supportive approach to care coordination. Our Care Coordinators work with each individual to connect them with medical and behavioral care and other supports that help improve their health and well-being. Our staff are highly trained and empowered to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure that patients see real improvement in their lives.

The dedication and hard work of our Care Coordination staff and supervisors was evidentImage 2 in the results of a recent patient satisfaction survey conducted by the Brooklyn Health Home: NADAP received the highest score among providers – 82 percent of NADAP Care Coordination clients agreed or strongly agreed that their overall health and well-being had improved in the past six months.We are proud to make a difference in people’s lives and to work with a great team of caring people!

NADAP Presents Care Coordination-Criminal Justice Pilot Projects

At the end of March, NADAP CEO and President John A. Darin attended the Spring Conference of Somos el Futuro, an organization committed to addressing the needs of the Hispanic population of New York State. Sponsored by NYS Assembly members Luis Sepulveda and Felix Ortiz, John participated in a panel of experts that addressed the intersection of mental illness and criminal justice involvement among the Hispanic/Latino population of NY. John reported on the promising early impact of a couple of pilot projects NADAP is currently involved with.

For one, NADAP collaborates with the Center for Court Innovation (CCI)and other stakeholders to ensure that individuals reporting to the Midtown Community Court gain access to medical and mental health care. NADAP Care Coordination staff are stationed at the court and educate, assess, and enroll New Yorkers who are found guilty of a misdemeanor and sentenced to cognitive-behavioral programming and community service. For many, their offense is associated with recurring mental health problems, and care coordination connects them with community resources. Our In-Person Assistors also have a presence at the court and offer help to individuals who do not have health insurance. Since implementing this pilot in January, 91 clients were referred to our outreach staff, of which 47 are now successfully enrolled in NADAP care coordination services, thus greatly improving their chances for health and stability in the community and reduced recidivism.

RikersIn another project, we are collaborating with the Brooklyn Health Home and Coordinated Behavioral Care (CBC) Health Home to assess and enroll individuals who are released from Rikers Island back into the community as part of their discharge planning and successful reintegration.

Greater Access to Vocational Support Services

New York State Medicaid Redesign is greatly increasing access to a more comprehensive and flexible set of services that help clients with behavioral health problems get better. While supported employment programs have long been a vital part of establishing and sustaining health and recovery in the community, they were not Medicaid-billable and many treatment providers could not afford to offer them. Starting in January 2016, clients enrolled in Medicaid managed care Health and Recovery Plans (HARP) will be eligible for a set of supported employment services.

NADAP has long been a leader in providing comprehensive employment supports for people with substance use disorders. With guidance and funding from OASAS, NADAP’s Technical Assistance and Professional Training Program (TAPT) provides workforce development professionals in chemical dependency treatment programs with valuable tools for preparing clients for work. We offer one-on-one technical assistance to OASAS-licensed treatment programs, including customized in-services, consultation, assessment of services, and resources for optimizing employment outcomes. TAPT also provides training to professionals on vocational rehabilitation best practices.