Partnership and collaboration have always been defining characteristics of NADAP, NYC, Partnerships, imageNADAP’s services. We work under the assumption that our impact on the lives of the people we serve is amplified through mutual referrals, open communication, and sharing of knowledge and resources with all our colleagues in the field of behavioral and physical health care as well as government and business partners.

 Clients as Partners

We strongly believe that our clients would be less successful in the long run or develop the independence they desire if we did not work with them as equal partners in the service process. Across all our service divisions, NADAP staff are dedicated to empowering our clients to determine their own goals and objectives, recognize their personal strengths, take action to the best of their ability, and find courage and hope in any progress they make.

 Referral Partners

NADAP continually works to broaden our network of mutual referral partners.

  • Substance abuse treatment agencies of all modalities
  • Social service agencies across the City of New York and Nassau County
  • Youth development agencies
  • Medicaid Health Homes:
    • Bronx Health Home
    • Brooklyn Health Home
    • Community Healthcare Network
    • Coordinated Behavioral Care/Pathways to Wellness
    • Mount Sinai
    • New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation
    • Queens Coordinated Care Partners

 Advocacy Partners

On behalf of our clients, NADAP is deeply engaged in the ongoing enhancement of the behavioral health system in New York State. Together with our committed colleagues, NADAP is a strong advocate for recognizing and holistically serving the needs of New Yorkers with substance use disorders and other behavioral and social challenges, the effective integration of all health services, and payment reform. NADAP is a member of the following coalitions and advocacy groups:

  • NY City Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies
  • NY State Association of Substance Abuse Providers (ASAP)
  • iHealth
  • Coalition for Community Services
  • NY Association of Training and Employment Professionals (NYATEP)
  • Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of NY (NPCC)

 Public Partners

We are grateful for the continued contracting opportunities from our government partners. NADAP currently receives services funding from the following agencies:

  • NY State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS)
  • NY State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA)
  • NY State Department of Health (DOH)
  • NY State Department of Education (DOE)
  • NY City Human Resources Administration (HRA)
  • Nassau County Department of Social Services (DSS)

 Business Partners

Through our comprehensive employment and intensive case management services, NADAP has developed close relationships with the business community, as we seek to provide local employers with motivated, well-prepared job candidates while aiding our clients in their recovery and progress in life. NADAP also has an active Advisory Board with members representing some of New York City’s most well known companies, such as American Express, Credit Suisse, Crain’s and others. These voluntary advisors are eager to provide support, such as on-the-job worksite tours.