Case Management

In response to the COVID-19 concern and for safety reasons, Project ACE is temporarily not seeing clients in the office and is serving HRA clients for assessment, case management and employment services remotely. If you know the cell phone number of the staff person you are trying to reach, please use that number. If you are unable to reach your Case Manager or assigned program staff member for any reason, you can call our main number at 917-414-5394 Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.


We provide integrated access to substance abuse treatment, mental health services, primary and dental care, social services, job readiness and placement.


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Individuals entering recovery from substance use disorders (SUD) often have a host of accompanying social and economic, if not legal problems that present both increased risk for relapse, health issues as well as barriers to routine healthcare utilization and preventive services.

Through contracts with the City of New York, NADAP has garnered experience in the provision of intensive case management services to high-risk, high-needs New Yorkers. Since 2001, NADAP case management staff have facilitated the integration of substance abuse treatment, mental health services, primary and dental care, social services, job readiness and placement, and housing for over 19,000 clients. An enhanced Managed Addiction Treatment Services (MATS) program served over 1,600 clients in five years, averaging 62 percent in net Medicaid savings.

NADAP case managers provide clients and their families with the following supports:

  • SUD crisis stabilization services are crucial in early recovery. NADAP case management staff have extensive clinical and organizational knowledge as well as a working network of collaborative linkages with all levels of SUD and behavioral health treatment modalities and recovery-based support systems.
  • Social service and community referrals provide individuals and families with access to food banks, clothing assistance, literacy programs, employment and housing. Case managers advocate for their clients with parole officers, ACS case workers, and house managers in supportive housing to avoid destabilization and crisis.
  • Benefit counseling ensures that patients obtain and maintain active Medicaid coverage. To date, NADAP has successfully assisted close to 21,000 individuals with their benefit applications, promoting compliance with multiple application requirements and appointments.

To enhance engagement in and effectiveness of services, we conduct many case management activities in the community, for instance through home visits and client meetings in easily accessible neighborhood venues, such as public libraries.

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