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2023 Anniversary Reception

Thursday, April 27, 2023
6:00PM - 8:30PM | Salesforce Tower, Ohana Floor

Join us on April 27th as we celebrate our 52nd Anniversary at the Salesforce Tower in NYC. All proceeds from this anniversary reception will benefit our Maternal Health Program (MWRAP), supporting opioid addicted mothers and children in need.

Maternal Health Program (MWRAP)

Supporting Opioid Addicted mothers and Children in Need.

Did you know…

that more than 40% of pregnant women enrolled in a substance use treatment program reported symptoms of postpartum depression?

Did you know…

that infants exposed to opioids during pregnancy are more than likely to be born preterm, have poor fetal growth, longer hospital stays after birth and/or be born with birth defects?

Did you know…

About 90 infants per day, or 1 every 15 minutes, are born physically dependent on opioids and may require various levels of intensive care to wean them from the drugs?

Meet Erin

Erin was one of the first clients enrolled in NADAP’s new maternal wrap around program. Erin has opioid use disorder and was originally referred to MWRAP by her primary care providers who would not prescribe her suboxone because she was 36 weeks pregnant. Erin knew she was at risk for relapse and asked the MWRAP team to assist her in finding a provider who would prescribe medication assisted treatment to her at this stage of her pregnancy. Within 48 hours of first speaking to her, the MWRAP team had found a provider who was willing to help. However, by the time they could make an appointment, the weekend had arrived. Over the weekend Erin both relapsed and gave birth to her baby. The following week Child Services had opened a case against her because of the drugs in her system at the time of delivery.


The MWRAP team was able to accompany Erin to court and advocate on her behalf, letting the judge know the services they offered, and informing them that Erin had in fact been advocating for herself and asking for help. Upon hearing this, the judge decided to allow Erin to stay in the home with her children so long as she followed through with her plan to receive substance use treatment. It is because of Erin’s ability to advocate for herself and ask for help, along with the work of the MWRAP team that allowed her to remain with her children! Erin ended up graduating from our MWRAP program and began to pursue training to become a peer advocate herself after all of her work with the MWRAP team.

For additional information, contact Karen Rosenberg at 212-625-1025 or