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Client Success Stories

Through our focus on client-centered planning and access to community resources, each of our programs serves to improve New Yorkers’ health and recovery, employability, and social and economic stability. As a result, our clients experience an improved quality of life, empowerment, and pride.

Meet NADAP clients and read their success stories.

Client Success Stories

Through our focus on client-centered planning and access to community resources, each of our programs serves to improve New Yorkers’ health and recovery, employability, and social and economic stability. As a result, our clients experience an improved quality of life, empowerment, and pride.

Meet NADAP clients and read their success stories.

Jaime’s Success Story

Jaime often struggles with pneumonia, an illness he experiences regularly due to his asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) diagnoses. After one difficult trip to the hospital, Jaime knew he needed help. He was initially skeptical about getting support to manage his medical conditions, but he soon embraced NADAP as the primary solution to address his medical and mental health challenges. Jaime told his NADAP Care Coordinator about his preexisting conditions and that he struggled with finding transportation for his medical appointments. NADAP assessed that this was one of the biggest barriers in his adherence to treatment and quickly secured medical transportation that would drive him to and from all medical visits. In order to ensure Jaime was receiving the level of care he deserves, his Care Coordinator reminded Jaime of his appointments and accompanied him to several appointments with his primary care doctor.  

Jaime’s Care Coordinator supported him whenever a specific medical need arose and obtained referrals to medical specialists as needed. When Jaime had a question about his social security, his Care Coordinator contacted the Social Security Administration to resolve the issue on Jaime’s behalf. Jaime knows that he can count on NADAP to assist him with any inquiries, which he feels provides him with the physical and mental stability he has been seeking for several years. Jaime has a sense of increased confidence to advocate for himself, which helps him navigate his life and overcome the barriers he had previously faced when trying to adjust after incarceration. With a better handle on his mental and physical health, Jaime can now focus on his other life goals, like getting back to work and going back to school.

Denzell White’s Success Story

Denzell White came to us in 2016 looking for employment opportunities that would help him pay for his college expenses. Shortly after, he enrolled in our young adult employment program, completed a job readiness workshop, received security training (at no cost to him), and was ultimately placed in a security position. When Denzell showed interest in joining the military, he applied his learned skills to excel in the U.S. Army National Guard.


Reduced hospital stays

Our Health Home Care Coordination program has reduced the number of clients’ days in the hospital—in some cases up to 72%.


Better health outcomes

82% of our Health Home Care Coordination clients have better mental and physical health within six months.


More than 18,500 career assessments were completed in our Workforce Programs last year.


Our Job Placement Programs assisted more than 650 individuals to find employment last year.

Karen’s Success Story

“The process could not be easier. I called up, I got an appointment, I went in and gave my information… The next thing I know, there’s a letter and a card in the mail. NADAP is welcoming, comfortable, and friendly, and that’s the security I had trusted them with my healthcare, which is so valuable.”

Karen was faced with rising healthcare costs that she could no longer afford. Karen called NADAP and was introduced to Chin, NADAP’s Health Insurance Coordinator. Chin helped Karen find a plan that immediately saved her money and covered a $30,000 hospital bill. Having the stability of affordable health insurance, Karen is now able to focus on her health and recovery.


Jamie Foronda

Jamie’s Success Story

“NADAP, an organization of angels:”

 Life was terribly unstructured for me. I was struggling with addiction, mental issues, homelessness, debt, and my world was so toxic. I felt like I was going around an endless cycle of dead ends. I had no direction, no hope, and the people around me didn’t know how to support me nor had the time to as most of them were facing similar battles.”

        “While in recovery from addiction, I saw a post advertising NADAP’s services. It states that they helped those with my condition or similar ones find resources they may need as far as employment. At the time, I was struggling to find suitable work and so I thought, “let me give this a shot”. I was hesitant at first but still, I made an appointment and upon arriving at orientation, I met the beautiful staff there. To be honest, I thought this was going to be the typical government workshops where the instructor just lectures memorized scripts, makes you fill out applications, and then the caseworker will just send you on jobs that come their way. My experience was not as such.”

     “During orientation, the resilient Angie Martinez, met our group with open arms and charisma. She made me feel like she was one of us, she worked with each person individually assessing their weaknesses when it came to interviewing and suggested highly helpful tips to execute an interview at an optimal level. During the orientation, other staff angels were Introduced to us that had different specialties. For instance, the great LaShondra Jones, a peer advocate, stood in during some sessions, she provided some great personal experiences and explained her role in our mentoring as a Peer advocate. The different caseworkers, I, unfortunately, forgot their names, introduced themselves with their different personalities, and shared their highly essential advice on interviewing and demeanor while simulating mock interviews. I felt like I was in an interview boot camp for that session with my particular caseworker.”

       “What makes NADAP stand out to me is: when the COVID 19 pandemic first broke out and NYC was on shutdown, Ms. Martinez constantly checked in on me, making sure that not only was I okay personally but that I was on top of my work search game. She even asked if I needed her help to physically apply to these jobs because she knew that I was having a difficult time staying focused and following through due to my condition. Ms. Jones did the same whilst suggesting different ways to exercise and keep healthy during the pandemic. Not only did they go out of their way in helping me find work and being a friend, but they also helped connect me to free trainings and housing assistance resources.”

          “Although, my circumstances is still ongoing, just knowing that NADAP’s staff at the Lexington Ave location will go above and beyond to see that I succeed just gave me more motivation and the hope that I needed to follow through no matter my condition. If they were able to see the potential in me, I should be able to see the potential in myself and fly! I would definitely recommend NADAP to anyone experiencing struggling with life and the hindrances of being underserved. And I recommend, Ms. Jones and Ms. Martinez as your peer advocates because they really do all that they can to make sure you live a better and stronger lifestyle. Thank you NADAP for all your dedication, hard work, and compassion for those underserved. And thank you for not giving up on those who have already given”




Jordan Levy

Jordan’s Success Story

In March 2018, Jordan Levy was referred to NADAP by a homeless shelter and enrolled in our youth employment program.  He completed the job-readiness workshop and our Job Developer sent him to Horsepower Electric where Jordan started as an Electrician’s Apprentice.  As a result of his hard work and perseverance, within 4 months he was promoted to a management position.  Jordan was recently featured in the New York Times Neediest Cases Fund. We are so proud of Jordan and his achievement.


Jamal’s Success Story

Jamal, a 48-year-old single father of two was referred to NADAP for employment services in early 2017. During his initial assessment, Jamal’s short and long term goals were to obtain his CASAC license and a degree in Social Work. For two years, beginning in March 2017 Jamal accepted and participated in internships that, while garnering him the needed hard skills required for his career path, unfortunately, did not lead to a transition into employment. In April 2019 Jamal met with his Case Manager to reconfirm his career goals and was provided with one-on-one interview skills counseling and updated his resume to include his internships. In May 2019 NADAP placed Jamal with one of our Community Service non-profit partners as an Administrative Assistant. In that internship, Jamal also acquired hard skills as a Peer Mentor.  Within 2 months and by the first week of July 2019, Jamal successfully interviewed and was hired by EAC Network as a Peer Mentor with a 20-hour employment schedule. Two weeks later Mr. Williams was contacted by his previous internship site and was offered another 20-hour employment opportunity also as a Peer Mentor providing him full-time combined employment and income. Jamal’s next goal is to enroll in York College for his bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

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