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Note from Clarke Gilbert, Sr. VP, Fixed Income Portfolio, Macquarie Group:

Hello colleagues and friends! I am on the Board of Directors for a wonderful nonprofit organization called NADAP. NADAP is a trusted NYC-based leading social service provider helping those in need access life-saving substance use and addiction treatment, as well as crucial medical and mental health care, health insurance, job training, and employment.

Would you consider joining me and supporting NADAP with a donation TODAY?  Please click on the donate link below and Macquarie will match your donation to help NADAP’s ongoing campaign to support opioid addicted mothers and their infants in need.  

About NADAP:

NADAP’s portfolio of comprehensive services reflects its mission of ‘Empowering Individuals and Strengthening Communities through Healthcare and Employment.’ Founded in 1971, NADAP is a private nonprofit organization that serves low-income and underserved individuals and families in need. Over the past 50 years, NADAP has expanded its service portfolio to respond to the broader needs of New Yorkers struggling with behavioral and physical health conditions as well as poverty and other social determinants of health.

Today, NADAP operates a full range of wraparound services and programs including substance use disorder (SUD), addiction assessment and case management, health home care coordination (HHCC), comprehensive employment services for those with barriers to employment, and health insurance navigation and enrollment. These services connect more than 35,000 disadvantaged New Yorkers annually with jobs, treatment and recovery supports, medical and mental health care, and housing, thus helping transform and save lives.

Meet Erin:

Erin is a client who was enrolled in NADAP’s maternal health program. She faced opioid use disorder while pregnant and, with the help of NADAP’s maternal health team, advocated for herself to receive the necessary treatment. Despite experiencing challenges, including a relapse and a case opened by Child Services, Erin’s determination and the support of the maternal health team allowed her to stay with her children. She successfully graduated from the maternal health program and now aspires to become a peer advocate herself.

Maternal Health Program (MWRAP)

Supporting Opioid Addicted Mothers and Children in Need.

Did you know…

that more than 40% of pregnant women enrolled in a substance use treatment program reported symptoms of postpartum depression?

Did you know…

that infants exposed to opioids during pregnancy are more than likely to be born preterm, have poor fetal growth, longer hospital stays after birth and/or be born with birth defects?

Did you know…

about 90 infants per day, or 1 every 15 minutes, are born physically dependent on opioids and may require various levels of intensive care to wean them from the drugs?

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