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Healthcare Services

We approach care coordination services holistically by helping clients access medical assistance, mental health resources, substance use treatment, and health insurance enrollment.

Health Home Care Coordination

Since 2012, NADAP has participated in New York State’s Health Home initiative throughout New York City. Medicaid enrollees living with the following health conditions may qualify for free, voluntary healthcare coordination:

Two or more chronic conditions, such as:
• Diabetes
• Asthma
• High Blood Pressure
• Heart Disease
• Substance Use Disorder
• Depression




A Serious Mental Illness, such as:
• Major Depressive Disorder
• Bipolar Disorder
• Schizophrenia


Care Coordination focuses on the healthcare needs and preferences of each person served. NADAP’s Care Managers provide the extra support to help clients find and access medical, mental health, substance use disorder, and social services to improve their health and other life areas that impact their wellbeing. In a highly individualized manner, they
• identify and make referrals to service providers,
• assist with scheduling and getting to appointments,
• help clients understand and follow recommended medications and treatment, and
• ensure that care from different providers is well coordinated and lead to better health outcomes.

Our Care Coordination team further offers:
• Custom outreach and engagement strategies dependent on the individual’s needs, goals, past treatments, and preferences.
• Comprehensive assessment of the individual’s current and previous medical, mental wellness, social, legal, and housing status.
• Assistance with Health Home member benefits, such as Medicaid applications and recertification as well as for public assistance, SSI, SSDI, housing, employment, and other benefits and services.

Care Managers work in the community and they meet clients at their home, at their doctor’s office, or other venues of the person’s preference. Ultimately, the ongoing coordination of a person’s care helps prevent emergencies, reduces hospital visits, and improves the participant’s overall health status.


Contact a Care Manager Today:

telephone: (917) 836-7729


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